Réflecteur Radar Aluminium pliable 340x340x470

The 340x340x470 foldable aluminum radar reflector is an artifact that was created to reflect the energy emitted by the radar alone, so that it is emitted by the radar antenna of other ships with the security of creating an image. strong and in a clear way.

The 340x340x470 foldable aluminum radar reflector is a fully functional device for navigation in areas with heavy traffic or where fog or other natural phenomena are created which affect the vision of the surroundings. generates that the radar provides an adequate view and that other ships create problems in the future for the boat.

Reflector function Radar folding aluminum 340x340x470

The 340x340x470 aluminum folding radar reflector has a very simple but necessary function, because it reflects the energy that has been perceived in the direction of the antenna in which it has come out so that the radar and that of another ship can be reflect on the screen. another boat

Advantages of the aluminum folding radar reflector 340x340x470

The 340x340x470 aluminum radar reflector is structured in the form of 3 groups that form sheets of equal number, which generate an angled silhouette so that it is straight between them, making a mold similar to the corners with metal boxes that have a catadioptric prism name.

The 340x340x470 foldable aluminum radar reflector has a totally strange function since it is similar to the light reflectors that can be found on the roads, which makes it possible to correctly visualize the lines found.

The 340x340x470 foldable aluminum radar reflector has a size-dependent efficiency, so its function is more conducive because the larger the size of the object, the more it is valid.

Reflective aluminum reflector radar features 340x340x470

  • The design is in the form of trihedron
  • This is absolutely necessary when navigating as this reduces the boat’s exposure.
  • Provides a strong return of the signal on the radar screens.
  • Helps to be detected in any type of atmospheric condition.
  • Your answer to alleco is quite fast and accurate.


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